“The Eternal Zero”, Okada Junichi win big at the 38th Japan Academy Awards

“The Eternal Zero” was the biggest winner at the 38th Japan Academy Awards ceremony held last February 27 at the Minato Grand Prince Hotel (broadcasted in NTV), scooping 8 top prizes including Best Picture. It’s also a huge win for Okada Junichi, who won Best Actor for his role in “The Eternal Zero” and Best Supporting Actor for the movie “A Samurai Chronicle”. He is the first male actor to win two Japan Academy acting honors.

Yamazaki Takashi won Best Director for “The Eternal Zero”. In addition, the movie also won Best Cinematography, Best Lighting Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Recording, and Best Film Editing.

Miyazawa Rie won Best Actress for her role in Pale Moon. Miyazawa was only able to attend the opening stages so Yoshida Daihachi, director of the movie, accepted the award on her behalf.

Check out the rest of the winners and images below.

The winners for the Excellence Prizes are previously posted here.

**movie titles used are their English titles / translations

Grand Prize Winners

Best Picture: Eternal Zero
Best Animated Film: STAND BY ME Doraemon
Best Director: Takashi Yamazaki (The Eternal Zero)
Best Actor: Okada Junichi (The Eternal Zero)
Best Actress: Miyazawa Rie (Pale Moon)
Best Supporting Actor: Okada Junichi (A Samurai Chronicle)
Best Supporting Actress: Haru Kuroki (The Little House)

Best Screenplay: Dobashi Akihiro (Mission Impossible: Samurai)
Best Cinematography: Shibasaki Kozo (The Eternal Zero)
Best Lighting Direction: Nariyuki Ueda (The Eternal Zero)
Best Best Composer: Suo Yoshikazu (Lady Maiko)
Best Art Direction: Asato Kamijo (The Eternal Zero)
Best Sound Recording: Fujimoto Kenichi (The Eternal Zero)
Best Film Editing: Ryuji Miyajima (The Eternal Zero)

Best Foreign Language Film: Frozen

Newcomer of the Year:

  • Kamishiraishi Mone (Lady Maiko)
  • Komatsu Nana (The World of Kanako)
  • Nounen Rena (Hot Road)
  • Ikematsu Sosuke (Pale Moon, Love’s Whirlpool, Our Family)
  • Tosaka Hiroomi (Hot Road)
  • Fukushi Sota (In The Hero, As the God’s Will, Say “I love you”)

Japan Academy Prize Topic Award (Audience Award)

Most Popular Film: Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, The Legend Ends
Most Popular Actor: Okada Junichi

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