‘STAND BY ME DORAEMON’ will soon be available in 21 countries and regions

After news that 88.4% of ‘STAND BY ME DORAEMON’ moviegoers crying at some point during the film, Oricon reports it was decided that this new film will soon be available in 21 countries and regions throughout the world to upset even more people.

Localized versions are planned for Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei*, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos*, Cambodia*, Myanmar*, Philippines*, Indonesia, Italy*, San Marino*, Vatican City*, Malta*, Monaco*, Switzerland* and Spain. All countries and regions marked with an asterisk (*) are locations where Doraemon-related media will be distributed for the first time (legally).

As the mascot of Japan’s ‘Cool Japan’ efforts, the Doraemon series has been introduced and broadcast in 35 countries and regions worldwide.

There is no word on an English version yet. However, as Doraemon’s first foray into the English market in the franchise’s 44 year history, an English version of the original anime series has been localized and premiered on DISNEY XD this summer as a trial run for other English-speaking countries. It includes a couple updates, with Doraemon’s owner Nobita now named “Noby,” Gian is now “Big G,” and the magic portal “Dokodemo Door” is now the “Anywhere Door”.