88.4% of “Stand By Me Doraemon” moviegoers cried during the film

Earlier this week, the newest Doraemon film “STAND BY ME Doraemon” was released to theaters nationwide. And as expected, it was met with a positive reaction from the general public as a nostalgic, heartfelt coming of age story.

Coming in first at the box office, over 550,000 moviegoers sat down an enjoyed the movie which resulted in estimated revenues more than 7 million USD.

A web survey was published giving a closer look at the attendees. The audience consisted of 20.4% were children, 21.5% were in their 20s, 20.4% were in their 30s, 20.4% were in their 40s. 47% were male while 53% were female.

88.4% of all moviegoers cried at some point during the movie (and 11.7% lied).

Doraemon began as a manga series created by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko and it was soon adapated into an anime. This is first film the cat-robot has been transferred to the big screen as a 3D model. The plot combines different aspects of the manga including “All the Way From the Country of the Future”, “Romance in Snowy Mountain”, “Nobita’s the Night Before a Wedding” and “Goodbye, Doraemon…”.

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