Okada Masaki has special powers in “Strayer’s Chronicle” movie

A trailer has been released for the movie “Strayer’s Chronicle” starring Okada Masaki. This is Okada’s first action film and is based on Honda Takayoshi’s three part novel of the same name. He is joined by Sometani Shota, Narumi Riko, Ihara Tsuyoshi, Ishibashi Renji and Toyohara Kosuke.

The story tells of a group of young people who were born with special powers. Okada plays Subaru, whose special powers involve having a great eyesight and the ability to read an opponent’s movements 3 seconds prior their actual actions. Movie opens June 2015. Check out the trailer and plot below.


In the early 1990s, experiments were carried out secretly in Japan. Two different methods were used in the experiments. One method involved forcing stress upon expecting parents and when the baby was born, provoke the baby into mutations and develop their special abilities. The other method involved birth to babies having abilities of animals and insects. The special abilities were derived from gene manipulation. Subaru, Saya and others were born from those experiments.

Subaru (Okada Masaki) possesses incredible strength and vision. Saya (Narumi Riko) possesses super hearing abilities. They both grew up in the same facility. They work for Watase Koichiro (Ihara Tsuyoshi) who is the senior Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and has lofty ambitions as a politician. Watase then orders them to find the runaway daughter of a powerful politician. The runaway girl has in her possession a secret file. Subaru, Saya and others become involved in the slaughter group “Ageha.” The group is led by Manabu (Sometani Shota).