Netflix’s Official “Death Note” Trailer Gives First Look at Ryuk

The latest trailer for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of “Death Note” has been released to YouTube.

In the trailer, Light Turner (Nat Wolff) stumbles upon the titular Death Note, a journal in which he can write anyone’s name and kill them at any time and in any way he wants. It formerly belonged to Ryuk, a shinigami or “death god” of whom this trailer gives its first sneak peek of, voiced by Willem Dafoe. Ryuk explains the Death Note to Light and watches the chaos unfold as Light decides to take justice into his own hands.

It’s not going to solve a few crimes,” he says. “It’s going to solve all crime.”

The new footage also features Mia (Margaret Qualley), who encourages Light to use the journal, as well as Lakeith Stanfield’s portrayal of the character L, the genius detective who embarks on a mission to stop Light.

Horror film director Adam Wingard directs the adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba’s 2003 manga series, which spawned a hit anime and live-action film series in Japan, and currently has 30 million collected volumes in circulation.

When the first trailer was released back in March, Netflix and this adaptation quickly drew criticism for casting white actors in roles of Japanese characters, taking the story from Japan to Seattle and renaming the characters Light Yagami and Misa Amane to Light Turner and Mia Sutton.

Netflix’s “Death note” will begin streaming August 25.