Longer trailer for ‘Kinkyori Renai’ starring Yamapi and Nana Komatsu

Yamapi and Nana Komatsu star in a new forbidden love film ‘Kinkyori Renai‘ (localized in English as ‘Close Range Love’) based on Rin Mikimoto’s manga of the same name.

Nana Komatsu plays Yuni Kururugi, an accomplished prodigy skilled in all her subjects except one: English.

Luckily her school gets a new part-time English teacher, Haruka Sakurai (Tomohisa Yamashita), who becomes a favorite amongst the other female students for his studly looks. Yuni starts visiting his office for additional help and despite his tsundere personality, she eventually begins one-on-one tutoring sessions with him. As time progresses, she starts developing a crush on him and confesses her love to him.

‘Kinkyori Renai’ will be released to theaters October 11, 2014.