Kinki Kids ends 18- year music program ‘Shin Domoto Kyoudai’, gets new TV show

It was confirmed that Kinki Kids’ 18 year music program ‘Shin Domoto Kyoudai’ will be ending. It will air its ‘Last Stage’, with a Special Live on September 28.

In October 1996, the duo started the program ‘LOVE LOVE Aishiteru’ during Saturday night, was later renamed to ‘Domoto Kyoudai’ (Domoto Brothers) in 2001 and renewed as ‘Shin Domoto Kyoudai’ (New Domoto Brothers) in 2004 to its current Sunday, 11:15 pm timeslot.

What is the new show format and why is SDK, despite being well received, ending?

They are going to start a  new program in Fuji TV from October (name TBA) to be aired at noon, 1:30 pm- 2:00 every Sundays. The new format is a location shoot variety show, with KinKi Kids offering  ‘Omotenashi’ (Japanese hospitality) to people they meet wherever they go. Filming starts with a moving car with Kinki Kids talking with the guest in the limited space as they head towards their destination. Once they arrive on location, there are no strict plans. They can check out shops around, give in to guest’s requests and encounter other unexpected things.

Kinki Kids has expressed their gratitude citing that in conducting the 18 year program, they have learned a lot and vowed to work hard towards the next stage.

Atsushi Miura, the producer of the new show commented “While strategically putting in elements of music that two people have cultivated, I want to show another side of them they have not showed yet,” he said of them as they become the “face of Sunday noon”.

This confirmation comes after rumors of FUJI TV axing both Shin Domoto Kyoudai and SMAP Kusanagi Tsuyoshi’s ‘Bokura no Ongaku’. According to the rumors, the move by FUJI TV is to quell protests from major entertainment and recording companies arising from these shows’ producer Kikuchi’s policy of banning lip-synching.

(via Yahoo, Chunichi)