Anna Tsuchiya gets dark for new mini-album ‘LUCIFER’

Singer Anna Tsuchiya will release a new mini album ‘LUCIFER‘ on October 22.

The visuals for the album feature Anna representing good and evil, much like ‘LUCIFER’ the fallen angel himself. Totaling five songs, the title track is a cool rock track and will be used as the CM song for new survival horror game ‘Psycho Break’.

The mini-album will also have re-recording of her older songs ‘Somebody Help Me’, ‘Taste My Skin’ and ‘FROZEN ROSE’.

CD Tracklist

  2. The Magic of Halloween
  3. Taste My Skin [New Take]
  4. FROZEN ROSE [New Take]
  5. Somebody Help Me [New Take]

DVD Tracklist

  1. LUCIFER [Music Video]
  2. LUCIFER [Music Video -By PsychoBreak Mixture-]
  3. Bonus

(via Natalie)