Japan Box Office Ranking (Week of Aug 8 – 9)

The latest box office run records the 4th biggest weekend of all time, with several new movies debuting with impressive numbers and current films showing strong holds at the charts.

Jurassic World records biggest debut for a live-action Hollywood film since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. It opened with 544, 759 admissions and with a higher average ticket price it earned over 845.12 million Yen. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation also opened with impressive numbers at no. 2, along with Boruto: Naruto the Movie at no. 3, delivering the second biggest opening in the Naruto movie franchise. Minions settled for the 4th place while Attack on Titan – Part 1 drops to no. 5

Check out the latest ranking below.

Japan Box Office Aug 8 – 9
Rank Last Week Movie Weeks
1 New Jurassic World 1
2 New Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation 1
3 New Boruto: Naruto the Movie 1
4 2 Minions 2
5 1 ATTACK ON TITAN – Part 1 2
6 New Kamen Rider Drive The Movie: Surprise Drive 1
7 4 The Boy and the Beast 5
8 3 HERO 4
9 5 Inside Out 4
10 New Japan’s Longest Day 1

The fourth installment of the popular Jurassic franchise Jurassic World opened in 802 screens and attracted 544,759 people on its opening weekend. The movie earned 845,120,00 million Yen, setting record opening numbers.

FUJI TV aired the first Jurassic Park movie, which gained an audience rating of 11.2%. The movie attracted both those who have seen the previous movies and are now in their 30s and 40s, and also children and students who is new to the franchise. The movie is already attended by over 1 million people in 5 days and topped 1.5 billion yen. It is a good base to aim for more than 6 billion Yen.

Tom Cruise’ fifth installment of the popular franchise Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation debuts at second place. Published in 600 screens, the movie pulled over 427,281 people and earned 573,549,200 Yen. In its 3 day total, the movie mobilized 570,935 people with 757,252,300 Yen. It’s 3 day totals is higher by 5% than the previous MI series which opened in December 2011 and recorded a total of 5.4 billion yen in gross. A 5 billion yen total for this latest movie looks to be achievable.

In third place is the latest installment of the movie version of the anime NARUTO, with Naruto’s son Boruto in Boruto: Naruto the Movie. The film opened in 268 screens and attracted 305,396 people and earned 409,646,200 Yen. Compared to the previous film which opened last December 6, Boruto opens 20% lower. It can look forward to a total gross of 2 billion Yen.

Kamen Rider Drive The Movie: Surprise Drive debuts at no. 6. The film opened in 297 screens and pulled over 171,297 people, with 213,289,35 Yen in gross earnings. Japan’s Longest Day opened at no. 10. Published in 210 screens, the movie mobilized 114,589 people iand earned 145,482,900 Yen.

Attack on Titan, which was last week’s no 1 dropped to no. 5, Minions which was last week’s no. 2 overtook Titans and ranked no. 4 this week. HERO dropped to no. 8. The Boy and The Beast ranked lower at no. 7. The movie already reached 3 million admissions and earned 3.8 bilion Yen.

(via Eiga ranking)