YouTuber Venus Angelic under fire for Tokyo Fashion post

Yesterday, popular fashion website Tokyo Fashion updated their website and Facebook page with a picture of Swiss YouTube starlet Venus Angelic.

Venus Palermo (18), so her real name, currently resides in Tokyo and is known for "looking like a doll" on the internet.

She has previously attracted negative attention for uploading video tutorials with titles like How to look half Japanese or How to look like a Korean girl onto YouTube.

This time, she is accused of lying about the brands she is wearing and other supposed wrongdoings.

Just recently, an online platform called "Pretty Ugly Little Liar" where people spoke up against Venus Angelic and other "Living Doll" YouTubers who are active in Japan (e.g. Dakota Rose) has been taken down. However, it seems as if the negative voices won’t back down so easily.

See for yourself what people have to say on Tokyo Fashion’s Facebook page.

(via Tokyo Fashion)