Full Trailer for  ‘Assassination Classroom‘ Live-Action Movie

The full trailer has been released for Hasumi Eiichiro’s live-action adaptation of popular manga series ‘Assassination Classroom‘ starring Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke. More of the live-action version’s CG rendering of Koro-sensei are featured in the trailer. The official posters are also out.

Joining Yamada are Shiina Kippei as a skilled government agent named Karasuma Tadaomi who’s sent to supervise Koro-sensei, Suda Masaki as a violent class E student named Akabane Karma who’s especially proficient at surprise attacks, Kang Ji Young as a professional assassin and foreign language teacher Irina Jelavic, Yamamoto Maika as Kayano Kaeda,Taketomi Seika as Nakamura Rio, Yuki Mio as Kanzaki Yukiko, and Uehara Miku as Okuda Manami.

More of the movie’s story as previously posted here



(Ansatsu Movie)