A look at the CG of “Assassination Classroom” live-action Movie

A teaser trailer has been revealed for the upcoming Hasumi Eiichiro’s live-action adaptation of popular manga series ‘Assassination Classroom‘ starring Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke. Earlier on, a movie handout offered the first look at the live-action version’s CG rendering of Koro-sensei. The release of the teaser unveils the CG version on screen. The movie will open March 21, 2015.

The story revolves around “Class E” of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, a group of students determined to have no future who are separated from their classmates and assigned to a bizarre tentacled alien homeroom teacher. The alien, whom the students refer to as “Kuro-sensei” (literally “unkillable teacher”), had previously destroyed most of the moon and threatened to destroy Earth. However, he decided to delay his plan for one year if he was given a class of junior high school students to teach on the terms that he wouldn’t harm them.

Koro-sensei teachers his class various assassination techniques and the government promises a 10 billion yen reward to the student who finally manages to kill him. Unfortunately, Kurosensei is able to avoid all of their attacks due to his vastly superior alien reflexes.

Yamada will play protaganist Nagisa Shiota. Although Shiota is seemingly ordinary, inconspicuous student with an unassuming personality, he’s extremely meticulous about studying Kurosensei for any weaknesses which he documents in his notebook in the hopes of coming up with a plan to kill him.

Yamada’s co-stars include Shiina Kippei as a skilled government agent named Karasuma Tadaomi who’s sent to supervise Kuro-sensei, Suda Masaki as a violent class E student named Akabane Karma who’s especially proficient at surprise attacks, Kang Ji Young as a professional assassin and foreign language teacher Irina Jelavic Yamamoto Maika as Kayano Kaeda,Taketomi Seika as Nakamura Rio, Yuki Mio as Kanzaki Yukiko, and Uehara Miku as Okuda Manami.

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