Aya Ueto to lead Japanese Zootopia cast, Dream Ami to sing the theme song

Aya Ueto will take over the role of Judy, the rabbit police officer in the newest Disney animated picture ‘Zootopia‘. Dream Ami will sing the japanese version of the theme song “Try Everything”. The movie starts screening in cinemas in Japan on 23rd April.

Ueto gave birth to her first child in August last year. The actress said she is happy to participate in project she will be able to watch with her daughter someday. “Disney movies reach the audience and leave a trace in their hearts. I’m honored to be a voice-actress in a movie that might become a special thing for someone” she commented.

It is the third time Ueto “appears” in a Disney movie. She has worked as a voice actress before for ‘Return to Neverland’ in 2002 and ‘Maleficient’ in 2014, when she dubbed Elle Fanning’s Aurora.

Shigeo Takahashi from o-warai duo Savanna will dub Officer Clawhauser, cheetah and dispatcher in Zootopia Police Department. Takahashi is also a Disney-fan. “I’m happy my voice will become a part of Disney world. My character is likable and funny animal, I would like him to become the viewers’ favourite.” 

Check the trailer below:

The theme song “Try Everything” is played during an important scene – Judy boards a train from her hometown to Zootopia. Ami recalled how she moved from Osaka to Tokyo to chase her dreams. The singer will also appear in the movie and have few lines as the pop-star Gazelle (Shakira in US version).

(via cinematoday, natalie.mu)