Aragaki Yui and Oizumi Yo Attends Preview for “Twilight Sasara Saya” Movie

Actress Aragaki Yui first challenged a mother role in the movie “Twilight Sasara Saya”. A showcase premiere was held last October 28 in Tokyo. The cast including Aragaki, Oizumi Yo, Nakamura Aoi, Komatsu Masao, Fuji Sumiko, and director Yoshihiro Fukagawa attended.

Arakagi was worried for the mother role and feels the image of Aragaki in school uniform is an easy image for others. Through the movie, co-starring with a newborn baby, she was able to smile and virtually experience with something similar to a mother’s feelings.

The trailer is out for a while, you can view it below.

“Twilight Sasara Saya” is a film adapation of Kano Tomoko’s human drama novel about a fictional town, “Sasara”.

Saya (Aragaki Yui) lost her husband Yutaro (Oizumi Yo) in a car accident soon after the birth of their son. Afterward, Saya dedicates herself to protecting her son, but has no family to assist her and suffers various hardships while living as a single mother. However, after his death, Yutaro is miraculously able to help Saya by possessing the bodies of other people.

The movie opens November 8.


(via Eiga, Eigapedia)