Moga Magami to appear in live-action Princess Jellyfish drama series

Moga Magami is set to appear in an episode of the FUJI TV live-action drama series Princess Jellyfish. 

Magami will be playing a character named Kotone Kiriyama. A very stylish and pretty girl, she is Kuranosuke Koibuchi’s (Koji Seto) college underclassman who works part-time in the music industry. Her character falls in love with Koibuchi.

Since graduating from last year she took a short hiatus before returning to regular activities in October 2017, and made headlines after coming out as bisexual.

Princess Jellyfish is based off of the manga series by Akiko Higashimura. Originally making it’s debut in 2008, it had a very successful run lasting almost 10 years. The manga series came to an end in August 2017.  An 11 episode anime series also made it’s debut on FUJI TV and ran between October – December 2010. A live-action film followed in 2014.

The main plot follows Tsukimi Kurashita (Kyoto Yoshine), a girl who has loved jellyfish ever since she was a child. One day while browsing inside a local pet store Kurashita notices a very cute jellyfish in danger, luckily a beautiful woman comes to the rescue and saves the day. The mysterious woman accompanies Kurashita back to her dorm, but as it turns out this woman is actually a man!

Princess Jellyfish began airing on January 15th.