Yoshitaka Yuriko makes a comeback in new NTV drama “Tokyo Tarareba Musume”

It’s been a while since we last saw Yoshitaka Yuriko in a drama, after actually breaking out in the 2014 Asadora series “Hanako to Anne”. But she’s back and she’s taking the lead role for NTV’s new Wednesday drama Tokyo Tarareba Musume (Tokyo “What If” Girls). Viewers will have to wait a bit though as it will premiere in January 2017, and will come after the Ishihara Satomi drama next season.

The drama is based from Higashimura Akiko’s manga series. Yoshitaka will play the lead character, Komata Rinko, a young woman who lives in Tokyo and works as an unsuccessful screenwriter.

In the drama, Rinko, Kaori, and Koyuki are 3 young, single women who aren’t very lucky in their love lives or their professional careers. They often gather together to commisserate and to play out “what-if” scenarios in which they imagine what their lives could be like. One day, Rinko decides that she’s going to find the man of her dreams and get married before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics come to town.