Gesu no Kiwami Otome. to release their Second Album this Year

Well-known jazz/hip-hop band Gesu no Kiwami Otome. started the year off strong by releasing their second full album “Ryoseibai” in January.  Now the group have revealed that their third album, titled “Daruma Ringo”, will also see release this year on December 7th.  However, prior to its physical street date, the band’s new album will be made available in full on digital distribution services starting on November 9th.

In order to promote this new release, the music video for the album’s lead track “Shiawase Ringo” has been published to Gesu’s Youtube channel.  The song is also available for free download (again, prior to December 7th) if you complete a special questionnaire found on Warner Music Japan’s official website.

You’ll find both the cover and track list for “Daruma Ringo”, as well as the music video for “Shiawase Ringo” just below the cut.

-’Daruma Ringo’ Track List-


  1. Shiawase Ringo
  2. Kage Song
  4. Bou Tokyo
  5. id 2
  6. Kokochi Adayaka ni
  7. Gogo no Hi-Fi
  8. Ikenai Dance Dance Dance
  9. Katte na Seishun Geki
  10. Shousetsuka Mitai na Anata ni Naritai
  11. id 3
  12. Dancer in the Dancer
  13. Gesutory

(via natalie)