Interracial Love Story “Massan” to Debut This Fall

Additional details have been revealed for NHK’s upcoming Fall drama ‘Massan’, starring Tetsuji Tamayama and Charlotte Kate Fox.

The story takes place in 1920 where Masaharu Kameyama , or Massan for short, has just returned to Japan after spending a two year apprenticeship in Scotland. With him he brings back a Scottish wife, Ellie. While studying zymurgy (process of fermentation) in Osaka, Massan discovered whiskey and became fascinated with it. This lead him to travel to Scotland alone where he took part in a two year apprenticeship, his goal being to achieve domestic whiskey production in Japan.

Massan and Ellie face a tough road ahead of them. Ellie’s family isn’t pleased that she ran off to a “strange land” and Massan’s mother is extremely disgruntled that he brought home a foreign bride. Ellie also receives a cold reception from the local people, not fully adapting to cultural differences and often being misunderstood. Massan repeatedly faces failure with his whiskey production and global events such as the Great Depression and Pacific War (where Ellie’s home country is the enemy) continuously put the odds against them.

Despite those hardships Massan continues to follow his dream with Ellie by his side. ‘Massan’ premieres on September 29th and will run until March 2015. Check out the official website for cast photos and a special message from Tetsuji and Charlotte.

(via jdramas)