Horikita Maki cuts hair, to play nurse in new drama “Pure White”

It was announced that Horikita Maki will be starring in the new drama PURE WHITE (Masshiro). The drama is written by scriptwriter Inoue Yumiko (The Great White Tower). Horikita will play a nurse in the finest celebrity hospital also known as the “White Inner Palace”. To play her character, she had her hair cut by 20cm (8 in) for the first time in 4 years.

Horikita will star as the nurse Arimura Akari, a 25 year old born in Funabashi, Chiba. She works as a nurse in the geriatric ward of a hospital in affiliation of her local nursing school. When she became a nurse, it was with the pure feeling of “I want to help people” and “I want to help the troubled people”. Four years after, in the face of a meager salary and too much work, she would rather quit and get married as soon as possible. Then, she gets a chance to work at the exclusive Toh Hospital and get a makeover as a well-off young lady. The hospital attracts political and business leaders, entertainers, and intellectuals because of its exclusivity despite the expensive medical fees.

However it is a hospital with novice doctors, nurses with problems of infidelity and drug addiction, and spoiled patients. The head nurse, also known as the overall director of the “White Inner Palace” is tough on Akari. Every day, she is hit with many difficulties. In addition, what happens at the hospital absolutely cannot be revealed outside, definitely like the inner palace.

The drama will air every Tuesdays, 10 pm.

(via Zasshi)