E-girls Releases Covers and Tracklist for new single “Mr. Snowman”

E-girls will be releasing their 12th single “Mr. Snowman” on  November 26. The title song was already used as the theme song for CM e-ma featuring some of the members. The song is described as a catchy, winter dance pop tune. Different from the group’s colorful image, the members put on pure white dresses to match the winter season for this single.

The covers includes the members Shizuka, Ami, SAYAKA, Fujii Karen, Kaede, YURINO, Suda Anna, Fujii Shuuka, Washio Reina, Bando Nozomi, Sato Harumi, and Ishii Anna

A new E-girls album is also slated for release on December 31. Check out the covers, tracklist, and song preview below.

CD Tracklist

  1. Mr. Snowman
  2. Move It -Dream & E-girls Time-
  3. Mr. Snowman (Instrumental)
  4. Move It -Dream & E-girls Time- (Instrumental) (CD Only)

DVD Tracklist

  1. Mr. Snowman (Music Clip)

“One Coin CD” Tracklist

  1. Mr. Snowman


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