Previews for Yun*chi’s upcoming single are now available

Previews for electro-pop singer Yun*chi‘s upcoming single, “Wonderful Wonder World*”, are now available on her YouTube channel. The title track features lyrics written by Yun*chi herself and production by prolific musician Tobinai Masahiro, while the first B-side “Fairy*” was produced by Momoi Haruko and arranged by indie electro unit MISSILE CHEWBACCA, and second B-side “Dancing*” was produced by Londoner bo en featuring speaking parts by Emiri Katou (voice actress in Log Horizon) and co-production by U-SKE. Check out the previews below and let us know what you think!

“Wonderful Wonder World*” will serveĀ as the ending theme for the second season of Log Horizon. It releases on October 22nd.