Mitsu Dan reveals intimate bedroom scenes in ‘Arasa-Chan Mushusei’

At a press conference preceding the release of their new TV Tokyo drama, the cast of Arasa-Chan Mushusei took the stage to give an idea of what’s to come. Leading lady Mitsu Dan reveals some pretty intimate scenes…

Arasa-Chan Mushusei depicts love between men and women starring Mitsu Dan as the titular character. Arasa-chan (Arasa literally meaning a woman around 30-years old) is at a crossroad in life between popularity and ego when she is invited by her ex-boyfriend to join an orgy group. Their party includes Mihiro (a cute, lovely girl), Taishu (an average boy), Yaririn (head hostess with loose morals), and Himote (a shy, glasses-wearing nerd). However for Arasa, a meaningless act of pleasure ends up in love…

I feel like it goes without saying, but the video is probably NSFW. However, everything is masterfully covered up with convenient blankets and statues.

Gesu no Kiwami Otome will supply new song ‘Ryokiteki na Kiss wo Watashi ni Shite’ as the intro theme to this series that will start airing July 25th.