Aloha! The New Season of Terrace House Will Take Place in Hawaii

The tenants of the next season of Fuji Television‘s and Netflix‘s Terrace House will be finding themselves in paradise. Filming of the reality show will take place in the state of Hawaii. Terrace House is a non-scripted reality show that takes six strangers (3 male and 3 female) and have them move in together for a month. The show was originally aired as a T.V. segment on Fuji Television from 2012 – 2014 before a partnership was made with Netflix to move it to the streaming network with Terrace House: ‘Boys & Girls in the City . Come take a look at the trailer for Terrace House: ‘Aloha State!


Terrace House: ‘Aloha State will start broadcasting on Netflix 11.1 and on Fuji Television 11.28. There will be 24 episodes. This is Netflix‘s 3rd season of Terrace House.


via ModelPress