Kawaii Couple Peco and Ryucheru Do a Style 180° in November’s Numero TOKYO

Harajuku power couple Peco and Ryucheru are showing a different side of themselves in November’s issue of Numero TOKYO, due out the beginning of next month. The pair, that are widely known for their colorful harajuku-kei in all it’s bright glory, are going for a more mature and sophisticated look. The first image released from the shoot shows Peco in a floor length strapless gown with her wavy blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, while Ryucheru is wearing a black velvet suit. This is not the only photo we’ve been able to see of the spread though. Read on to see the photo Ryucheru posted to his twitter and the bts video Peco had posted on her’s.




Do you think that this is a good look for them?

Via ModelPress and Twitter