Kinki Kids’ Tsuyoshi Domoto Released from Hospital; Still Recovering

Johnny & Associates duo KinKi Kids member Tsuyoshi Domoto, who was hospitalized last week for sudden hearing loss in his left year, has been discharged from the hospital.

According to his office, on the evening of the 27th he complained that he felt dizzy and had trouble hearing in his left ear. He received a medical examination at the hospital and was immediately hospitalized with instructions to rest for a week, Sankei reported.

This health scare came right at the height of the group’s celebratory events for their 20th anniversary, which includes two upcoming concert dates at Yokohama Stadium and a 3-hour live radio broadcast the day before their debut anniversary.

Due to his health scare, he has had to miss out two live TV performances: “TV Tokyo Ongakusai 2017” on June 28 and “THE MUSIC DAY” on July 1.

Despite his discharge from the hospital, he has yet to make a full recovery from the condition and will continue with outpatient treatment until further notice. Resumption of his activities depends on his recovery.

(via Oricon)