Nozomi Tsuji Celebrates Birthday with Ai Kago

On the 18th, reformed scandalous songstress Ai Kago surprised fans when she posted photos from former partner-in-crime Nozomi Tsuji’s 27th birthday party. This event marks their first appearance together since Kago’s smoking scandal in 2006 that lead to the eventual disbandment of their duo W.

In her blog post, Kago introduces Tsuji with the phrase they used when they performed together: “Nozomi Tsuji, the leader, and Ai Kago, the sub leader – putting the two of us together, we are W!”

Kago Ai Tsuji Nozomi Birthday Reunion 2

Kago Ai Tsuji Nozomi Birthday Reunion 4

She continues to write “For the first time in 10 years, we sang and danced to songs from W and Morning Musume! Even though we didn’t practice at all, we were still the same looking like twins, even though we aren’t. From now on, we’ll always be partners. Non will always be an important, cherished companion. A person with whom I shared amazing times with in my youth! One day we’ll make mischief again!”

This loving exchange shows that although they have been through a lot in the past together, their love for each other is still as genuine as it was when they were younger. Many fans have dismissed the idea of ever seeing them together, and in recent years Hello! Project has been less guarded about using Kago’s image in promotional items. Although Tsuji wasn’t allowed to post it, one can hope this could mean the eventual release of their cancelled album W3: Faithful and single “Dou ni mo Tomaranai”. #justice4W3Faithful

Earlier this year, Kago announced she will be forming a girl group called Girls Beat!! They will be releasing their debut single “Sekai Seifuku” on July 22nd. The group will be crowd-sourced using lyrics, music, and costume ideas submitted by fans and online voting.