E-girls release E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS- pv!

The official avexnetwork youtube has just uploaded a long preview for E-girl’s 9th single E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-!  Coming off the success of their 2nd album COLORFUL POP, E-girls make a return to the scene with a sassy futuristic pv. Many of the scenes feature beautiful vibrant colors which has become somewhat of a signature for the girls. The single will be released on July 9th. Checkout the pv, as well as the tracklist and covers below!


CD only ver


CD+DVD ver


One Coin CD ver


CD Tracklist

  1. E.G Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-
  2.  ショコラ (Chocolat)
  3.  RYDEEN -Dance All Night- m.flo Remix
  4.  E.G. Anthem – WE ARE VENUS- (instrumental)
  5.   ショコラ (instrumental)


DVD Tracklist

  1. E.G Anthem – WE ARE VENUS- Video Clip

The full video can be viewed on JpopSukiTV

Images via Generasia