Tokyo Girls’ Style member Hitomi Arai covers classic Studio Ghibli song ‘Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi wo’

In 2019 Tokyo Girls’ Style member Hitomi Arai made her solo debut as an 80’s inspired idol with the single “Delicate ni Sukishite”. Arai has just released her 3rd single ‘Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi wo’, a cover that was originally made famous by the singer Tokiko Kato. Kato’s version was used as the theme song for the hit Studio Ghibli film “Porco Rosso”.

The lyrics are about embracing your loved ones while pursuing your dreams, and looking back on warm memories of the freedom of youth. This timeless, emotional song will win the hearts of all those who face the future while yearning for times past.

The jacket artwork is designed with a tasteful ’80s aesthetic, while Arai’s spectacular outfit pays homage to the character Madame Gina, the chanson singer in ‘Porco Rosso’. The single will be available as a standalone CD, or a set that includes the CD and a DVD with the music video and several live videos. Check out the full MV and covers for the single: