Takanori, Hiroomi, and Naoki of Sandaime J Soul Brothers to Star in New Pocky Ad Campaign

This year, beloved snack food Pocky is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To help kick off the celebration,¬†Ezaki Glico, Pocky’s makers, have drafted 3 members of Sandaime J Soul Brothers to star in a new ad campaign. Group members Takanori, Hiroomi, and Naoki will star in the new campaign, titled “THE Sharehappi.”

On September 1, the campaign’s first CM, “Sharehappi Debut”, will hit television screens. A dance contest in conjunction with the campaign will kick off the same day. On September 7, the second CM, “Sharehappi Dance” will make its tv debut. Naoki is in charge of the choreography in these commercials.

In other Sandaime J Soul Brothers news, the group recently released the covers and tracklist for their new single, “Unfair World.” Check out more info on the single after the jump along with the “Sharehappi Debut” commercial!

“Sharehappi Debut” CM


Unfair World:



CD only

1. Unfair World
2. Unfair World -Unplugged Version-
4. Unfair World -Instrumental-

1. Unfair World (Music Video)


Promo picture

3jsb Unfair World promo



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