Summer Love. Shida Summer Arai Summer Releases PV to ‘Annani Sukidatta Sama’

Seasonal idol unit Shida Summer Arai Summer has released the short PV to their newest single ‘Annani sukidatta sama‘. Upon first listen you’ll realize that it is not the usual peppy summer song, but a ballad. Taking place on a tropical beach, the girls deliver their emotional song that is sure to move many. Come watch the video and find out more information about the single.



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  1. Annani Sukidatta Sama
  2. Go!Go! Sama
  3. Annani Sukidatta Sama¬†–Hiroki Sagawa from Asiatic Orchestra Remix
  4. Annani Sukidatta Sama (inst.)
  5. Go!Go! Sama (inst.)


Annani Sukidatta Sama‘ will be released August 10th. It is a double A-side single with ‘Go!Go! Sama‘ and the unit’s 2nd single.