Masami Nagasawa to lead the cast of stage musical “Cabaret”

Masami Nagasawa has been cast as Sally Bowles in the world-wide famous musical “Cabaret“. The show, directed by Suzuki Matsuo, will start its run from 2nd January 2017. It will be the first time for Nagasawa to challenge herself in stage musical. Check more details and a promotional video after the jump!

Masami Nagasawa commented that she is excited to try something different as an actress. She also confessed that even though she feels the pressure of the role, it was her dream to appear in a play under Matsuo’s guidance.

Kanji Ishimaru will appear as the Emcee of the Kit Kat Klub, while Teppei Koike as Cliff, Sally’s love interest.

Cabaret 2017 is Suzuki Matsuo’s second take on the famous musical. In 2007 he has already adapted the play for the Japanese audience with Yasuko Matsuyuki as Sally. The new version is rumoured to be a completely different approach.

Cabaret will be performed in Tokyo EX THEATER Roppongi and Kanagawa KAAT Theatre Hall in January, then the cast will tour Osaka, Sendai, Aichi and Fukuoka in February.

Unfortuntaly, no singing in the video yet… So how do you think Masami will do in the role, ARAMA?