Sudannayuzuyully disbands, Anna Suda & YURINO to leave LDH, Happiness will continue as 5

December hasn’t been the best month for the girls of LDH. Despite rumors of E-girls‘ disbandment being postponed to 2021, it was confirmed by LDH that the group would officially be disbanding at the end of the year on December 31st. This had fans curious about the fate of the other LDH girl groups.

In a statement LDH confirmed that the three piece unit Sudannayuzuyully would also be disbanding on December 31st. The unit consisted of popular members YURINO, Anna Suda, and Yuzuna Takebe. LDH confirmed that both YURINO and Anna Suda will also be leaving the agency.

The girls came to the decision when it was confirmed that E-girls would be disbanding, they are looking forward to the exciting challenge of carving a new path for themselves. The group will release a final compilation album titled “THANK YOU” on December 28th. They will perform together for the last time at the special E-girls concert “LIVE x ONLINE BEYOND THE BORDER” which will be broadcast on ABEMA.

There is some good news out of all of this! Happiness will continue activities beginning in 2021 as a 5 piece group. This will make Happiness the only group active out of the “” collective of female LDH talents.

The remaining Happiness members commented that they will do their most to continually improve their performance, and keep growing thanking fans for the continued support.