Star-packed CM features Aya Ueto, Keiko Kitagawa, Rola, E-girls, and more

In honor of their 70th anniversary since establishment, Japanese cosmetic brand KOSÉ has announced a new TV commercial featuring 10 of the brand’s spokesmodels. The commercial is called “Tokyo Seven Days.”

KOSÉ’s spokesmodels boast big names in the artist and model industry, and the star-studded CM includes Yui Aragaki, Aya Ueto, Keiko Kitagawa, Mirei Kiritani, Kyoko Koizumi, Sumire, E-girlsKaren Fujii and Shuuka Fujii, Chisato Moritaka, and Rola.

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World renowned director and winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Tran Anh Hung, creates a brilliant result with the gorgeous cast fitting of the brand’s 70th anniversary. The setting is “current Tokyo,” and the 10 stars each bring their own unique style to the commercial in order to deliver a message encouraging other women to live their own way.

Star-packed CM features Aya Ueto, Keiko Kitagawa, Rola, E-girls, and more 20160329

“Tokyo Seven Days” depicts 7 days in the life of girls living in Tokyo.
Starting from a relaxing Saturday night and ending at the afternoon of the following Saturday, the cast of 10 appear in 9 different scenes taking place throughout the week.

Yui Aragaki relaxing in her room in the evening on the weekend.

Aya Ueto deep in thought at noon on a Sunday.

Rola enjoying the nighttime view from her bathroom on a Sunday evening.

Mirei Kiritani casting romantic eyes on a Monday morning.

Kyoko Koizumi getting ready to go out on a Tuesday afternoon.

Sumire walking fiercely on a Wednesday afternoon.

Chisato Moritaka coming up with an idea for her concert on a Thursday morning.

Shuuka Fujii and Karen Fujii heading back home together after a dance lesson on Friday evening.

Keiko Kitagawa going out in an elegant outfit on Saturday afternoon.

The commercial continues as a week in Tokyo, with a total of 9 scenes.

The message the girls express during every day of the week is: “A girl is living her own way. A girl is searching for the answers to only her life, everyday.” “Yesterday’s beauty is confidence. Today’s beauty is bravery. Tomorrow’s beauty is hope.”

The new TV CM “Tokyo Seven Days” featuring the past spokesmodels will go on air in all of Japan this Wednesday, the 30th.

(via excite, dwango news)