Share Your Memory of Ayumi Hamasaki for A BEST’s 15th Anniversary

Ayumi Hamasaki’s classic album “A BEST” has turned 15 years old, the anniversary addition will be hitting store shelves today.  “A BEST” was a phenomenon in the J-pop scene, largely fueled by a forced rivalry with Utada Hikaru that broke global sales records. The album remains as Ayumi’s best selling work and is the 6th highest selling album in Japan.

Ayumi’s team has created a special promotional interactive website where fans can share their memories of her via twitter. Once your twitter account is connected your tweet is added to a giant collage of other fans messages, re-creating the A BEST cover. Many fans reminisced on how they discovered Ayumi, their favorite songs, and how much of a impact her music has had on their lives.

The website is available in both English and Japanese, check it out by clicking here!  What are some of your memories of Ayu?