Chatmonchy reveals new song “Tomaran”, theme for Tokushima Marathon

Rock duo Chatmonchy has announced today they are going to provide the theme song for this year’s Tokushima Marathon, which will take place on April 24th. This track, called “Tomaran” (which is a play on words between Tokushima Marathon and Tomaranai), is meant to be a lively song able to fill up your energy tank while also reflecting on the beautiful scenery in which the marathon is going to take place: the last 20km of the Yoshino River. Runners will skirt both banks of it, and even Chatmonchy’s drummer and bassist Akiko Fukuoka is joining in! “Tomaran” is coming ten months after their last release, “Kyoumei”. Check the song just after the jump!

As every other Chatmonchy video on their channel, the clip may not available in some countries.