Gackt Shares Shirtless 44th Birthday Selfie

Following his 44th birthday on July 4, musician GACKT exposed his sculpted chest as thanks for the positive birthday messages from fans via Instagram.

I turned to be 44 today. I got a lot of wonderful messages. Thanks everyone!” GACKT shared bilingually, hashtagging that he was going to the “Hell’s Tequila Festival“.

Fans hooted, fans hollered, and fans got the vapors from this photo, praising GACKT for showing off this beautiful, seemingly ageless upper body in an age-conscious bathroom selfie.

GACKT received a barrage of positivity in the comments:

  • Congratulations Gackt! Beautiful and good-looking no matter what.
  • I can’t believe you’re 44 with that body.
  • Are you sure you aren’t 34?

Following the festivities, he posted a selfie he took while intoxicated from the aforementioned tequila festival.

It was drunken me from the tequila birthday party….” captioned GACKT, hashtagging the post with “tequila festival” “How many did I open?” “I’m glad I didn’t die” and “two ambulances“. Make what you will from that.

(via CinemaToday)