Chinese Netizens Angry at Avex for Referring to Taiwan as Separate from China

As China ascends, the issue of Taiwan becomes more and more of an issue. Under China’s “One China Policy”, Taiwan isn’t its own country, but a part of China. Several companies have ran afoul of the “One China Policy”, with Avex being the more recent one.

Chinese netizens recently discovered that Avex, in a press release about “a-nation 2020”, mentioned booking concerts in Korea, Taiwan, and China. This separation of Taiwan and China angered Chinese netizens.

Avex has been trying to make inroads into China as of late. It was reported recently that Avex has signed a licensing agreement with the Chinese video streaming service bilibili.

However, Avex’s presence in China is most visible on “CHUANG 2021”, where trainees Mika, Caelan, SANTA, and RIKIMARU are currently competing.

Comments from netizens have included “I hope fans understand that they’re Chinese before fans.” and “Avex, your good days are over.”