Atsuko Maeda opens new Instagram: “I forgot my old password!”

Atsuko Maeda, former AKB48 front-girl, opened a new account on Instagram on 6th April. Acchan is not a newcomer to the app. She actually had a huge follower base already on her previously owned account. “I forgot my old password!“, the actress explained through Twitter and ask her fans to switch to the new one.

The first photo on the new Instagram was a funny shot from the location of Atsuko‘s new drama ‘Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki‘ that will start its run on TBS from 20th April. The idol is steadily adding new photos and videos – a real treat for all fans.

お花見日和にキャンプ?❗️ #毒島ゆり子のせきらら日記 #ロケ #Instagram#はじめました #よろしく

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Atsuko Maeda’s official Instagram account.