s/mileage is now “ANGERME”

It has been revealed that Hello! Project group s/mileage will continue group activities as ANGERME from now on. Back in September the name change was decided after a third generation of girls were added to the group. S/mileage originally debuted as a 4 piece group in June 2009 with “aManojaku”, the following year their major debut single “Yumemiru 15” was released. Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda are the sole remaining original members.

The new name was apparently thought up by member Kana Nakanishi. ANGERME is supposed to be the french pronunciation of “angel” and “tears”. Kana explained that the members of the group (angels) must work together in-order to achieve their goals, and once those goals are met they’ll be overcome with joy and cry. The angel evokes an image of hope, and the tears represent happiness.

ANGERME will be releasing their debut single on “Taiki Bansei/Otome no Gyakushuu” on February 4th. Unlike all of s/mileage’s previous singles, Tsunku will not be having any involvement with the production or lyrics.

ANGERME’s new official profile pictures can be seen below!

(via JPLOP)