Single Details for Arashi’s “Doors – Yuki no Kiseki”

Shortly after the release of their 16th album 「untitled」on October 16, popular idol group will return with the new single Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~) on November 8.  This will mark the group’s 53rd single and the titular track will serve as the theme song of Sho Sakurai‘s NTV drama「先に生まれただけの僕」 (Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku).  This new drama has begun airing on October 14 as a part of the fall Jdrama season.

Described as a powerful medium ballad, Arashi hopes to fill listeners with courage when facing the challenges of life with Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~).  Arashi will also present the coupling song NOW or NEVER in a music video featuring catchy and synchronized dancing.

The single will be sold in three versions, including five new songs and two new music videos.  More details on the single after the jump!!


Limited Edition 1 

★ 12-page lyrics booklet

01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~) – Theme song for Sho’s NTV drama「先に生まれただけの僕 (Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku)」
02: Winter days
03: Winter days (Original Karaoke)

「Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)」PV + making of

Limited Edition 2 

★ 16-page lyrics booklet

01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)
02: NOW or NEVER

「NOW or NEVER」PV + making of

Regular Edition

01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)
02: NOW or NEVER
03: Perfect Night
05: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Original Karaoke)
06: NOW or NEVER (Original Karaoke)
07: Perfect Night (Original Karaoke)
08: BORDER (Original Karaoke)