Nishino Kana Gets Wintry in “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu” PV

As previously reported, Nishino Kana has two new releases coming up over the next few weeks. The first is her new single, “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu”, out October 18. This will be followed by her new album, “LOVE it”, out November 15.

“Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu” is the October theme song for the Nippon TV variety show “Sukkiri!!”, while the B-side “One More Time” serves as the new Lenor Happiness CM song.

Kana has now released the music video for “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu.” The clip for the soothing love song has a snowy, wintry theme, akin to the cover album for the single. Check it out below, along with more information on the single!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 手をつなぐ理由 (Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu)
2. One More Time
3. Drive Away
4. 手をつなぐ理由 (Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu) (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD
1. Behind the scenes of “手をつなぐ理由” Photo Session (Behind the scenes of “Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu” Photo Session)
2.「Girls」meets 活水高等学校吹奏楽部 (“Girls” meets Kassuikoutougakkou Suisougaku-bu)


“Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu” Music Video