Seiko Matsuda Issues Statement on Her Daughter Sayaka Kanda’s Death

On December 19, it was announced that Sayaka Kanda had died the previous day after a fall at a hotel in Sapporo.

A statement was later released on the official website of her mother, Seiko Matsuda, causing the site to crash.

There was an expression of gratitude for all who were concerned after learning of Sayaka’s death, and to the fans for their support during her life.

The statement added that Seiko is currently in a state where she can not accept the reality that Sayaka, her only child, has died.

A request was also made to the media to consider the deep sorrow of Seiko and her family during this time, as well as the privacy of their neighbors, by not interviewing people in their neighborhood during this time. It was also asked that articles rooted in speculation not be published.

The statement concluded with another expression of gratitude.