Sayaka Kanda Has Died at 35

It has been reported that Sayaka Kanda has died at the age of 35. Her body was found on the 14th floor terrace of a Sapporo hotel, after falling from a higher level of the hotel. She was taken to the hospital unconscious, and was later confirmed to have died. Hokkaido police suspect Sayaka’s death may have been a suicide.

Sayaka, the only child of Seiko Matsuda, was supposed to star in the noon performance of the musical “My Fair Lady” on December 18. She was unable to be reached an hour before showtime, so she was replaced by her understudy.

Sayaka made her singing debut in May 2002 with the single “ever since”, and her acting debut the following year in the film “Dragon Head.” Her singing voice, along with the good looks she inherited from her mother Seiko and her father, actor Masaki Kanda, made her popular.

As of late, Sayaka became a star in the world of musicals. In addition to her stage work, she was the voice of Anna for the Japanese dub of the 2013 Disney film “Frozen.” She was set to play the heroine Maetel in the stage musical adapation of “Ginga Tetsudo 999” next April.

Sayaka married actor Mitsu Murata in 2017, but they divorced in 2019.

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