Sean K Update: A Tale of Two Fathers And Now Living In Between Hotels

Former television personality Sean K, was revealed to be lying about his name, appearance, and credentials by Shukan Bunshun, earlier this year. There were many questions surrounding the scandal and Sean even sat down with Shunkan Bunshun for a 150 minute interview in late March. Thanks to Enon and Becky, Sean has almost been all but forgotten until reporters recently went to his hometown of Kumamoto following the recent earthquakes.

Sean has explained that both he and his parents are registered as Japanese in their family register. Since he was little he would attend school in New York’s Upper East Side, return to Japan for summer school, and would repeat this cycle. However, as a child he wondered why he had to do this. Later, he found out from his mother and relative that his real father was actually a different man. That man’s name was McArdle.

McArdle is his biological father’s name and Kawakami is the man he sees as his adoptive father’s name. He says he began to use the name McArdle after he graduate from high school and left his hometown of Kumamoto. It was then written on his English profile that his father was an Irish American. This has since been deleted.

It was reported that his parents home suffered some damage from the recent Kumamoto earthquake. When reporters went to check on his parents, there was no answer and neighbors explained that there were no signs of anyone living there anymore. Before the news broke, his parents used to brag about their son being on tv, but once the news that he lied about his credentials came out it seems they moved away.

It is being said that Sean has yet to return to his hometown and is drifting between hotels in Tokyo.