Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ ELLY Tests Positive for COVID-19

LDH JAPAN has announced that ELLY, member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, has tested positive for COVID-19. He came down with a fever on August 1 after appearing on the TBS program “Honoo no Taiiku Kai TVSP.”

ELLY didn’t appear on a Sandaime J Soul Brothers live streaming event the following day. He took a PCR test the day after that, August 3, with the result coming back as positive on August 5.

Presently, fever is his only symptom. He is taking precautions and resting though to help his recovery. “I want to rest and recover under the direction of my doctor so that I don’t spread my illness to others,” ELLY said in the statement annoucing his diagnosis.

The other members of Sandaime J Soul Brothers are not considered to be at risk due to ELLY.

ELLY’s diagnosis is the second for a LDH talent this month so far. On August 2, the company announced that DOBERMAN INFINITY’s SWAY tested positive for COVID-19.

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