Sakanaction’s bassist Kusakari Ami announces her pregnancy

In a livestream event broadcast at 12:30pm JST today, Sakanaction’s singer Yamaguchi Ichiro revealed details regarding the band’s activities over the course of the coming year.  Most notable among these was the announcement that the band’s bassist Kusakari Ami had married a non-celebrity man at some point during the last year and is now pregnant.

As a result, Sakanaction will be entering into a “stable period” for much of 2015 and as such will not be conducting any live activities like concerts or festivals until October.  However, this does not mean that they will stop making music, as Ichiro stressed that both the recording and production of their latest album would continue, and that the band would also conduct a series of studio lives over Ustream.

While I’m sure that many of us are looking forward to Sakanaction’s new album, I would like to offer congratulations to Ami on behalf of AramaJapan and urge that she take as much time off as she feels she needs.

(via natalie)