KOHH Releases His “First” Album

On January 1, rapper KOHH released his new album “Kuchinashi Ko.” This is his second album to be released but is actually the first album he made. Last year, KOHH released  his debut album “MONOCHROME”, but he referred to it as his second album since it was made after “Kuchinashi Ko.” Why he decided not to release these albums in the order they were made remains unknown. “Kuchinashi Ko” contains some songs that KOHH has released in the past, such as “Junji Takada”, “My Last Heart Break” (which samples Utada Hikaru’s “SAKURA Drops”) and the infamous “Hello Kitty.” The album also features appearances from several artists, including DUTCH MONTANA and KOHH’s younger brother LIL KOHH. To promote the album, KOHH has released the music video for the album’s opening track, “Hikoki.” The video was partially shot in New York City. Check out the album’s cover and tracklist as well as the videos for “Hikoki” and some other songs on the album after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


1. 飛行機 (Hikoki)
2. Where You At
3. iPhone 5
4. Junji Takada
5. ビッチのカバンは重い (Bitch no Kaban wa Omoi) feat. DUTCH MONTANA
6. No Love
7. Real Love
8. Far Away
9. Hello Kitty
10. 友達 (Tomodachi) feat. LIL KOHH
11. 泣かせてごめん (Nakasete Gomen)


Limited Edition Bonus Tracks
12. V12 -V型12気筒- (V12 -V Kata 12 Kito-) feat. MONY HORSE
13. Ray-Ban on My Eyes
14. Gimmi 福沢 (Gimmi Fukusawa) feat. MONY HORSE
15. My Last Heart Break feat. LOOTA
16. Hatin’ on Me
17. Super Star








Junji Takada


Hello Kitty



My Last Heart Break feat. LOOTA