Rika Ishikawa gives birth to her second son

Back in November 2019, Rika Ishikawa announced to the world that she was pregnant with her second child. The former Morning Musume and v-u-den member was already well into her pregnancy during the announcement. She hasn’t been active on social media lately due to keep up with her busy family life.

Rika shared that she was scheduled to give birth by January, and it came right on time! She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, confirming the news on her official ameba blog.

Rika and her husband, pro baseball player Ryoma Nogami, welcomed their first baby boy back in April 2018.

In her blog Rika shared that both her and the baby are doing fine at the moment. Now that she is a mother of two children, Rika vowed to continue to grow as both a mother and a wife, and is forever grateful for the support she has received.

Congrats Charmy!