Rika Ishikawa is pregnant with her 2nd child

Former Morning Musume and v-u-den member Rika Ishikawa is pregnant with her 2nd child! She shared the exciting news on her official blog.

Ever since marrying her professional baseball player husband Ryoma Nogami back in 2017, Rika has mainly stayed out of the spotlight, focusing her time on her family. In April 2018 Rika announced that she had given birth to a baby boy.

In her November 18th blog post Rika apologized for the delay in the announcement and lack of updates in general, her last post being in September, and the one before that was in June. Rika shared that she is scheduled to give birth next year in January. She further went on to say that she will continue to cherish time with her family, and spend her days calmly.

Rika then joked that she will be blogging again…”Soon”. The sex of her 2nd baby has not been revealed yet.

Congrats to Charmy and Ryoma!