Saito Takumi Tops Goo’s Most Kissable Male Celebrity Ranking

When it comes to kissable lips, women get most of the attention, but what about men? Who are the male celebrities that women want to kiss the most? Goo asked this question to 500 women in the 20s and 30s recently.

Saito Takumi topped the list with 16.4% of the vote. Although he’s better known for his toned, moderately muscled body, Takumi has attractive lips as well.

He’s followed by Fukushi Sota, who received 13.6% of the vote. In contrast to Takumi, Sota has a strong, fresh, youthful image. When he laughs and smiles, it is quite charming.

Third place went to Matsumoto Jun of Arashi with 10.4% of the vote. It is liked when he raises the corner of one side of his mouth in a mischievous way. The shine of his lips was also noted. Some even said his lips are prettier than a woman’s.

Check out the rest of the top 10 after the jump!

1. Saito Takumi (16.4%)


2. Fukushi Sota (13.6%)


3. Matsumoto Jun (10.4%)


4. Tamaki Hiroshi (9.6%)


5. Matsuzaka Tori (8.6%)


5. Shota Matsuda (8.6%)


7. Sakurai Sho (8.4%)


8. Yu Shirota (6%)


9. Odagiri Joe (5.6%)


10. Tanaka Kei (5%)